Improve your Fitness, Health and Overall Wellbeing

See improvements in weeks, with just 5-10 minutes of daily breathing training.

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What is Airofit and Who is it For?

Airofit is a respiratory training system that improves your physical performance, as well as general wellbeing through tested breathing exercises.


Whether you're an athlete, suffer from health issues or simply want to improve your quality of life, Airofit is for you. The best part - it only takes 5-10 a day!

Never run out of breath

Airofit strengthens your breathing muscles which means you will not run out of breath doing mundane daily activities like taking the stairs.

Unlock your full capacity

Airofit increases your vital lung capacity so can inhale more air at once, reduce your breathing rate and preserve energy.

Less stress, more relaxation

Activate your Vagus nerve and decrease stress levels. Using Airofit in the morning and right before bed is a great way to reach a relaxed state of mind.

Train from your couch

Airofit is used separately from physical activity. This means you can train when and where you want - like while watching TV.

Use Airofit 5-10 minutes a day - separate from any other physical activity!

Breathing training with Airofit is extremely effective! Just 5-10 minutes a day is enough to see noticeable progress within weeks.

How Airofit helped a 27-year-old athlete cope with EIA

Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA) in endurance athletes is very common. During Exercise, EIA provokes asthmatic symptoms like shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing and decreased performance. This case study is an overview of respiratory and performance adaptions made as a result of using Airofit twice daily over a period of 12 weeks.

"The targeted market for Airofit is for top sportifs. I am not one of them, I do Yoga and mobility... no cardio. Therefore my problem to hike was thoracic volume of air, it is painful to go up hill if you don't have a cardio training. With Airofit after 1 month I can hike up hill just like that, and the recovery time is almost none. I LOVE Airofit, it enables me to do stuff that I enjoy efficiently and painless."
- Jorge De S. Duarte, via Facebook

If you have ever run out of breath, Airofit is for you!

Airofit is for anyone who is interested in improving their physical performance, health or general wellbeing - regardless of age or current fitness level. You don't have to be a pro athlete to use our system. In face, "regular people" see most dramatic gains as they generally have a lover fitness level.


Airofit can also help asthma and COPD patients improve their quality of life.

How does Airofit work?

The Airofit Breathing Trainer provides adjustable airflow resistance to your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volumes and strength and sends data to your Virtual Breathing Coach on your smartphone. Airofit is designed to be used separately from training and other physical activity. This means that you can use Airofit in any free moment - before bed, at work, after a gym session or whatever suits you best.

What does the app do?

The app acts as a virtual breathing coach, giving you live feedback and ensuring all exercises are performed correctly. Your training data is stored and gives you an overview of your progress over time. Compatible with iOS and Android.

"Training with Airofit gives athletes larger vital lung capacity, stronger breathing muscles, and higher anaerobic tolerance. It´s not my opinion, it's a medical fact."

Professor at Pavia University, Scientist, Former World Champion in Freediving

"Airofit's ability to measure and track respiratory training has been a game changer. Airofit makes training simple and provides the feedback needed to validate and guide people to improved performance."


Master Airofit Instructor, Degree in Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutritional Sciences

"Respiratory training is an overlooked aspect in everyday medicine, but it has great impact. Don’t take my word for it - there is a lot of clinical evidence that respiratory training works."


MS, PA-C, AE-C, Expert in Lung Medicine and allergy, Former Navy Seal.

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The Airofit PRO System consists of an Airofit Breathing Trainer and a Virtual Breathing Coach in an interactive mobile app, allowing you to train your Respiratory strength, Vital lung capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and other areas of your breathing.


Airofit Breathing Trainer is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

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