Erinne Guthrie's New Secret Weapon

Airofit - Train your breathing muscles like a champion!

Airofit is proud to team up with Erinne Guthrie and introduce the Airofit Breathing Training System to the Full Circle coaching family!

Essential asset to my triathlon coaching

As a triathlete and triathlon coach for 23 years, the importance of harnessing the power of the breath is non negotiable.


Having a simple yet powerful tool like Airofit can enable anyone especially athletes to tap into the power of improved breathing, and therefore performance , something it would seem we should know how to do.


I'm so excited to be partnered with Airofit as an essential asset to my triathlon coaching tool kit to create more impressive results for my athletes through the power of their breathing.


Erinne Guthrie

Coach & Founder of Full Circle Coaching

Built for Triathletes

Meet Michelle Vesterby - the holder of the Danish Ironman record with the time of 8:45:47 in Texas USA 2018.


Listen how she is using the Airofit to stay ahead of the competition.

Maintain control despite fatigue

Airofit helps strengthen your diaphragm so you can breathe more effectively and get more oxygen even in the riding position, which usually would limit the lung capacity dramatically.

Better endurance during long races

By training the flexibility of the diaphragm and thorax joints, Airofit increases your vital capacity so you can inhale more air at once, reduce breathing rate and preserve energy - especially during swimming.

Perform when it counts the most

Airofit boosts your anaerobic threshold which prolongs the period of time you can perform at maximum power output, giving you the crucial competitive edge during high intensity performance.

Airofit PRO™

Until now measurable breath training was only available to the highest level athletes in a laboratory environment.


Airofit brings the advantages of breath training out of the lab and in to your hands. Olympians and World Champions are using Airofit as a daily part of their training regiment and seeing incredible results.


Simple to use - Airofit is easy to add to your training protocol. You only need to use it 8-10 minutes per day to get incredible results.

Mobile App

Airofit has combined the best respiratory training with the latest technology.


The app acts as a virtual breathing coach, giving you live feedback and ensuring all exercises are performed correctly.


The app also allows you to track your training in real-time providing a personal dashboard to monitor your progress over time.

Training without data is guessing!

Triathlon is at a modern day crossroads. Those not embracing and mastering data-driven training will inevitably get left behind by their data-savvy competitors.


Respiratory data on your vital lung capacity - respiratory strength - breath control - aerobic and anaerobic thresholds just got added to the game.


Know your numbers - train to win!

"Training with Airofit gives athletes larger vital lung capacity, stronger breathing muscles, and higher anaerobic tolerance. It´s not my opinion, it's a medical fact."

Professor at Pavia University, Scientist, Former World Champion in Freediving

"After 1 week of using Airofit I set a new Functional Threshold Power during a race, whilst matching my previous maximum 20 minute power output for an entire 40 minutes."


Competitive cyclist,

"Training only 3 weeks with Airofit increased my top speed from 60 to 67 km/h. It meant that instead of losing all the sprints, I began winning them, and it made me a National Champion"


Track cyclist, National champion in 200m with flying start

Exclusive Offer

Full Circle Coaching and Airofit Training are thrilled to provide this exclusive deal for the FCC family.


  • Special member discount (limited time)
  • Access to the NEW Pro Coaching Dashboard
  • The Ironman Vital Lung Capacity training plan
  • Live Coaching Calls by Airofit Instructor
  • Free Airofit onboarding video course

Coaching Dashboard

Full Circle Coaching will be the first Airofit partner in the world to get access to the professional coaching dashboard allowing data to be shared between the athletes and their coach for better accountability and provide valuable insights to your Respiratory Muscular Training helping you achieve incredible results.

  • Athlete Insight
  • Athlete Lung Test
  • Athlete Program Overview

Sean Coakley coaching Danish Olympian Athlete Fredrik Bjerrehuus

(Copenhagen - Sept. 2020)

Live Call with Airofit Master Instructor

As part of this offer you will be provided access to a live virtual training with certified Airofit instructor Sean Coakley.


He is the first Airofit Certified Instructor, and has been working with National and Olympic athletes developing customized Airofit and performance breath training programs preparing athletes for Japan 2021.

Onboarding Course

As part of this offer Airofit Training is providing a video on-boarding course where Sean will share with you how to ramp-up quickly with the Airofit training device providing useful and beneficial tips to get the most out of your Airofit training.

Friends & Family

The team at Airofit Training are giving all FCC members the ability to share this offer with their friends and family. So if you know anyone that could benefit from stepping up their training and strengthening their health please share this limited time offer with them.


Note: The Pro Coaching Dashboard option is for active FCC members only.


  • Airofit Breath Trainer - $299
  • Airofit Mobile App
  • Pro Coaching Dashboard - $50
  • A Live call with Airofit Instructor - $150
  • Airofit Onboarding Course - $19
  • Airofit's Ironman lung capacity training plan

Total Value: $518

*This introductory offer is for Members of Full Circle Coaching and for a limited time ONLY.


Airofit Breathing Trainer is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.


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✔ 45-day money back guarantee

Sold out

"With Airofit, in just 4 months I have understood more about breathing than over the past 26 years."


Age Group Triathlete

"Lately I've been finishing my races STRONG! Mostly that's due to my Airofit."


Ironman Competitor

"Airofit plus the app gives me the extra gear to perform better."


Triathlete, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor