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Make breathing training a part of your day and help us bring better breathing to the world!

Share your experience with your network through your social media channels, blog and help your loved ones breathe better too. 

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Change the world

Be part of a community with an innovative mindset and help us lead the change the world really needs. 

Speak your mind

We don’t give you a script! Share your honest opinion and genuine experience with Airofit and our breathing training. 

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Get a monthly commission on orders placed through your affiliate link on your social channels and other platforms.

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Access our support materials and personal customer support to guide you through your Airofit journey.

Why Airofit?

Disruptive technology

Airofit is the first smart breathing trainer on the planet. We improve people's physical performance, general wellbeing through guided breathing training.

Based in science

Breathing training is backed by countless peer-reviewed research papers. All Airofit training sessions have been developed by industry-leading breathing experts.

Helping millions

Breathing training is beneficial for all. From athletes, to elderly, to those suffering from respiratory diseases. Airofit is relevant to any and all audiences.

Access our materials

Understanding breathing training might not seem easy. You will gain access to our support materials. We make it easy to talk about - whatever channels you're active on.

Who is the right person to become an Airofit affiliate?

Who is the right person for Airofit?

A professional athlete, weekend warrior, Olympian, content creator, business owner or a breathing enthusiast - Airofit is the right fit for you! We want to work with individuals who share our passion for better quality of life and the vision of bringing better breathing to the world. We aim to help everyone in our community become the best possible version of themselves, so they can do the same for their loved ones.

Airofit provides you with the unique opportunity to go through guided breathing training exercises, measure your improvements and track your progress all in one app. It makes training simple and helps you become better everyday!

Let's do this together!

We're working with people worldwide! If you are ready to become a part of the Airofit team, please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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